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 A simple but revolutionary approach, for home parcel delivery. e-Com Case is a lightweight Bag which will be secure and safe on your property, as well as offering delivery day or night. The container will eventually provide addition features to accommodate shipping and receiving parcels, from drones and droids. 


e-Com Case


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e-Com Case


Everybody has had a package delivered to their doorstep!
Everybody has seen a Delivery gone bad on TV and YouTube!
Everybody has heard stories or experienced a delivery gone bad!
Everybody wants their personal items protected!

Innovative safe, secure solution for online shipping and more

With online shopping capturing 10% of  retail sales, and continuing to grow. A case at your doorstep is the solution for deliveries to your home.  Featuring  a safe, secure, portable and affordable option, which includes weather resistance technology and a 120 decibel motion alarm sensor. The e-Com case is an insulated bag which will provide a drop point for groceries, meal kit packages, fresh fruit and vegetables, and others who may deliver to your doorstep. A convenient case , you now don’t have to be home to receive that casserole dish which your family or friends are returning. Go camping or to the beach, and the e-Com case protects your food and drinks. Take the e-Com case next time you decide to go grocery shopping, and eliminate those unfriendly plastic bags. No need to rush home to unpack the groceries, because of the insulation feature.

e-Com Case, Your Outdoor Safe

Delivery Parcel Solution

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