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Why buy an e-Com Case?

The race is on for the fastest secure method to provide shipping of online products, as most large retail corporations and grocery stores are all competing for your business, they are striving to have a majority of their products available online and in your arms within one to two days, free shipping as they advertise now. In order to fulfill these shipping promises, "in your arms" doesn't mean missed deliveries e-Com case is the solution as it provides one time delivery. Because online shopping makes up roughly 10% of the retail market, with e-Com Case the cost of delivery/multiple attempts to deliver a parcel if no one is available can be greatly reduced, as this case offers a secure way of receiving your package without needing to be present for a signature, as well as reducing customer complaints. 


 How does it work?
You purchase the e-Com case and it’s yours to keep, this is not a one time drop bag. There are no monthly monitoring charges annual fees or tracking expenses. Your e-Com case comes with 2 locks and one motion sensor alarm and one key fob to turn the alarm on and off. After receiving the e-Com case, your first step is to enter a personal code on the motion sensor alarm, you will then place motion sensor alarm into the pouch. Take the small lock and lock pouch. You should only have to unlock pouch to change the battery.
After ordering a parcel you go online to determine delivery date. Delivery Parcel Solution Does Not Provide this information, your shipping company would have provided a tracking number that you should be able to use to determine the day of delivery.

Delivery Day
Take the e-Com case from the house or garage and place near doorstep or on doormat. Leave e-Com case unzipped and unlocked. Now arm motion sensor alarm, with the key fob and walk away Delivery courier arrives, Drops package into e-Com case, Zips case, Locks case and walks away Upon arriving home. Disarm motion sensor alarm with key fob, unlock case, unzip bag remove parcel and take both parcel and e-Com case into the house.



What if someone tries stealing my e-Com case? Even before a parcel is placed into an e-Com case your bag is protected. Although the e-Com case is empty, if the motion sensor alarm is armed your bag won’t get stolen. If the e-Com is tampered or attempted to be stolen a 110 decibel alarm rings if the bag is moved 4 feet. The alarm will ring for about 12 seconds and at that point the alarm will go silent.This doesn’t mean the coast is clear to now steal the e-Com case. If a second attempt is made to hijack the e-Com case the motion sensor alarm will ring once again. The motion sensor alarm can only be turned off by the key fob. Each time the bag is tampered with the motion sensor alarm rings for 12 seconds and then stops.

Delivery Parcel Solution is always open for business

Why should you endure multiple attempts to deliver and receive a parcel?. Ordering a product online is worry free, just wait for delivery. Shipper advises when parcel will be delivered, day or night the courier drops parcel in Case. In the future consumers may be amazed to order a product during the day and waking up the next day to see their parcel already in their case. 24/7 delivery is now available.


The e-Com Case comes with two features that will deter the most fool hearty robber. A secure locking mechanism along with a motion sensor alarm, which is activated if the e-Com case is lifted or moved beyond 4-6 feet and gives off a 120 decibel siren. The e-Com case will also have warning stickers attached that should explain to the fool hearty robber, that he's about to activate an ongoing 120 decibel alarm

Delivery Timeline

Normally if a parcel is sold, along with the promise of same day shipping for groceries/food, or 1-2 days shipping for goods, and no one is there at the house to pick it up, how is that practical?. Customers can simply put the e-Com case outside by the front door on the day of delivery. From there the delivery man arrives and lifts open the unlocked case, from there the delivery man places the package into the case and closes the top, and than locks the case.

Hot or Cold

Parcel deliveries from grocery stores, that offer precooked meal services are exploding online. The e-Com case will provide an insulated liner which will accommodate food deliveries.

E-Com Case vs Outdoor Security Cameras and Yard Sensors

Outdoor cameras are great entertainment for monitoring and recording the crime and criminals. The outdoor camera, along with a speaker instructing the robber to walk away, fails to mention not to take away with the package.  A yard sensor will turn on lights or maybe even a mild alarm, the lights only help the robber walk away with the package. Now comes along a porch pirate ready to scope a parcel from an e-Com case. He watches a carrier drop off a parcel and cautiously waits 10 minutes before attempting robbery. He swoops in to pick up e-Com case and slowly walks away. Even if robber places e-Com case into a vehicle, the motion sensor will activate and give off a 110 decibel siren. This is why Delivery Parcel Solution offers a one year money back guaranteed, no other camera, monitoring or customer service is willing to offer this same guaranteed. Homeowners spend hundred of dollars for cameras and monitors only to see 25 million parcels stolen each year.

Will Couriers use e-Com case? 

FedEx/DHL etc.  will welcome  the introduction of the e-Com case. The bag allows the courier a safe and secure location in order to leave the parcel. The e-Com case will speed up the delivery process. The courier will be able to leave a package quickly, rather than waiting for the homeowner to get to the door. The case will eliminate the “Sorry I missed you”sticker. This is frustrating for the customer who now has to fetch his parcel at the depot. The retailer who promised 2 day or next day delivery, will fail to fulfill their commitment. The delivery company may have to store the parcel, at the depot in order to make a second delivery attempt. Your innovative  e-Com case will become now a mailbox for your package deliveries but more secure.

                                                                          Multi Purpose e-Com case
There are many practical uses for the e-Com case.
1. Convenience: The Homeowner is not tied down or need not rush home to receive parcels. Regardless if the package is from Amazon, E-Bay, Walmart, or a major meal kit company (HelloFresh), Fresh local vegetable, fruit and dairy, or a sister returning a casserole dish.

2. Peace of Mind: Knowing that once your parcel has been delivered ,to the e-Com case,it’s safe and secure.

3 .No Longer Exposed:  Your packages are no longer left at the doorstep,in open view.Parcels that are not exposed will not attract robbers.Your e-Com case is weather resistant, protecting your package from the elements.
4. Missed Deliveries: No more “Sorry we missed you “stickers on the mailbox.No need to go to the depot ,to collect your package.
5.Camping, Beach, Picnics your food, drinks, lotion, sunglasses, personal items can be protected as you walk along the beach,or hike away from your campsite.
6.Shopping: Take the e-Com case to the supermarket, eliminating plastic bags and not having to rush home to unpack the groceries.


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