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E-Com Case 1.0


1) Lightweight canvas bag weighing approximately 9-11 lbs.
2) Size:   Small 46L x 40D x 30H cm

               Medium 62L x 40D x 30H cm

               Large 72L x 50D x 36H cm 
3) Locking mechanism
4) Motion sensor

5) Warning Stickers

6) Thermal Liner

Future Features

6) Bar codes

7) Laser opening mechanism

8) Electronic locks

9) Sliding Top

10) Cradle to lift parcel for "Return Delivery"

11) GPS locator 

12) Homing Beacon for Drones

The future of parcel delivery will be drones. Eventually the regulatory requirements of (UAV) will be resolved. e-Com Case will have a platform/dock to receive incoming parcels but as important will be a platform that a drone can lift a parcel from the Case. The return item policy will be important as well. The lifting function will  be battery operated. In the future e-Com Case will have GPS, beacon and Barcode availability. Groceries bought online may require an insulated Case.


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