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E-Commerce Case

E-Commerce Case


The e-Com Case comes with two features that will deter the most fool hearty robber. A secure locking mechanism along with a motion sensor alarm, which is activated if the e-Com case is lifted or moved beyond 4-6 feet and gives off a 120 decibel siren. The e-Com case will also have warning stickers attached that should explain to the fool hearty robber, that he's about to activate an ongoing 120 decibel alarm


    1) 600 D canvase fabric

    2) Insulated water resistant PEVA in Interior

    3) Foam Interior

               Length x Height x Width

    2) Size Small 46cm x 30cm x 40cm

        Size Medium 62cm x 30cm x 40cm

        Size Large 72cm x 36cm x 50cm
    3) TSA Locking Mechanism  
    4) Motion sensor

    5) Warning Stickers


    Future Features

    6) Barcodes

    7) Laser opening mechanism

    8) Electronic locks

    9) Sliding Top

    10) Cradle to lift parcel for "Return Delivery"

    11) GPS locator 

    12) Homing Beacon for Drones

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